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General Information

The Ward has a number of facilities and services to support the local community. These include Blakelaw Park, home to a range of grass and all weather surface football pitches which are floodlit, a tennis/basketball court, a skateboard park and footpaths across the park. There is also a car park at the site.

The Blakelaw Centre and Library are located on Binswood Avenue. The centre provides a local contact point for residents to find out what the council has to offer. The Library provides book lending for adults and children, access to computer terminals plus activities for children. 

There is a parade of shops at Moulton Place which is near the  Blakelaw Centre, adjacent to the tower blocks of flats. 

Make your money go further...

To find out more please click here or visit our partners websites:

Benefits and Money advice please click here

Citizens advice bureau www.newcastlecab.org.uk

Newcastle futures www.newcastlefutures.co.uk

Newcastle City Council Free School meals please click here.

Make a will on the 12 May with Age UK and help support others while you do it!  For more information visit the Age UK website.

Blakelaw Ward Committee

Each year the ward committee holds up to four 'get togethers' these are based around a variety of themes and take on different formats.  These are public events and everyone is welcome to attend.  You can also contact us via Twitter (@letstalkncl) or on our Facebook page.

The dates for the next Blakelaw Ward Get Togethers are:

  • Thursday 29 May 2014, 7pm - The Blakelaw Centre
  • Thursday 28 August 2014, 7pm - Fenham Hut
  • Thursday 27 November 2014, 7pm - Cowgate Methodist Church
  • Thursday 26 February 2015, 7pm - tbc

The last Blakelaw Ward Get Together took place on Thursday 27 February, 7pm at St James and St Basil's Church, Wingrove Road, Fenham.  At the meeting we heard a number of updates from local projects which was really nice to hear! Click here to see the agenda and papers from the meeting.  For more information contact Amy Stillwell amy.stillwell@newcastle.gov.uk or ring 0191 2773612

The previous Blakelaw Get Together took place on Tuesday 19th November at Fenham Hut, Greenway, Fenham.  Local residents came along to chat to Councillors and council officers about services and activities they would like to see in Fenham Hut and the surrounding area.  This was followed by pie and peas, hand made by Councillor Phil Risk!

Click here (PDF 1264 KB)  to see what was discussed.
Click here (PDF 457 KB) to see an evaluation of the session by the people who attended.


Blakelaw Ward Community Partnership 

Within the ward we have an active community partnership.  You can visit their website by clicking here.

The partnership has been running since March 2013 and opportunities to work together with the Council at the early stages have encouraged a number of key local groups and individuals to come forward and look at better ways of working for their community.

The partnership was formed with four clear objectives.
1) To explore opportunities through devolution to deliver public services.
2) To develop and manage a local volunteer network to support community based projects and initiatives.
3) To bring together community organisations and support them in achieving their objectives to the benefit of the community plan.
4) To manage local community assets. The overall objective of the community partnership is to deliver public service in a different way.

Through a collaborative relationship with the council the partnership has now taken the leading role. A lot has been achieved in a short time. A Young People’s Key Fund project has now been set up to make sure young people in the ward continue to be represented; two community social enterprises have been created in the Blakelaw Centre; a Greenhouse and Allotment project is underway with support from national and local partners; a Design and Delivery group, made up of users and stakeholders, is looking to the remodelling of the Centre and work is underway with the Newcastle Volunteer Centre to encourage volunteering opportunities in the ward. The partnership are exploring opportunities through devolution to generate income locally through traded services and development of community assets which will fund localised public services.

Junior Youth Club

Wednesday 4.30pm - 6pm
If you are between 5 - 11 years come along and join in with the fun and games at our Junior Youth Club every Wednesday.
At The Blakelaw Centre, Binswood Avenue.
For more information call Leanne on 0191 2713044

Youth Club

Tuesday evenings
6pm - 8 pm
12+ years
If you are looking for somewhere to go and hang out with your friends whilst gaining any information , advice or support that you may need from a reliable team then come along to our youth sessions at The Blakelaw Centre.
At The Blakelaw Centre, Binswood Avenue.
For more information call Leanne on 0191 2713044

Food Banks in Newcastle

Newcastle CVS has produced a leaflet listing details of Newcastle based food banks after a stream of enquires. For more details please click here.

Citizens Advice Bureau

For free confidential and independent advice, including benefits, tax credits, housing, employment, family law and community care please contact CAB Tynside Adviceline on 0844 245 1288 or click here.

Welfare Reform - headlines

Blakelaw Ward Committee have funded benefits advice sessions from the Welfare Rights Service.  More details can be found on our timetable (pdf 76.32kb) 

This is a very brief overview of the main welfare reform changes to people’s benefits and the impact, taking place now and in the next few years. Some people are exempt. Details about this and where to get more information is at the end.

Background to welfare reform

Welfare reform means reductions in social security spending of £18 billion a year until 2014/15, which is about £83 million a year in Newcastle. A further £10 billion cuts is proposed by 2016. The impact is worse in areas of higher benefit dependency. For example, Newcastle has 14% (28,790) on out of work benefits, York has 7%.

People incapable of work                              

  • People on incapacity benefits are being reassessed under the tougher Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). Based on Government figures, 4,000 Newcastle residents will fail this test and have to sign on as at a loss of about £40 a week.
  • Payment of contribution based ESA will stop after one year. This could mean a loss of over £90 a week for couples whose income is too high to fall back on an income related benefit. This could affect 468 in Newcastle.

Tax Credits   

  • Cuts to Tax Credits have taken place since 2011. For example, the amounts have reduced, including help with childcare cost. And access to working Tax Credit has been restricted. For example, the hours that a couple with children have to work in order to get Working Tax Credit has increased from 16 to 24 a week. This cut alone has meant that someone on £8,000 a year wages has lost their Working Tax Credit of £62 a week. The overall cuts to people’s Tax Credits amounts to about £1,000 a year.

Housing Benefit (HB)

  • From 2011, HB for private tenants (Local Housing Allowance) is limited to cheaper properties and 4 bedrooms (resulting in 3,000 in Newcastle losing from £4 to £34 a week) and from May 2012, single people aged between 25 and 35 are losing up to £31 a week help with their rent.

From April 2013, the under occupancy rule or the ‘bedroom tax’ means that working age social housing tenants (council housing and housing association tenancies) may experience a HB cut of about:

  • £12 a week for one spare bedroom, and
  • £22 a week for two or more spare bedrooms.

Some exceptions apply and councils may help with discretionary payments.

Children and benefits   

  • Child Benefit was frozen and will be withdrawn for higher earners from 2013.
  • Lone parents are having to claim Jobseekers Allowance instead of Income Support when their youngest child turns 5.

People with disabilities

  • From April 2013, Personal Independence Payment replaces Disability Living Allowance for those aged between 16 and 65. 10,000 DLA claimants in Newcastle will have claim this new benefit. Based on Government figures, nearly 2,000 in Newcastle are expected to lose out at least £5 million a year. This amount will be higher due to losing connected benefits.

Older people

  • Retirement age is rising from 60 to 65. So too is the age for claiming a Winter Fuel Payment and Pension Credit, where each year of delay moving from JSA to the more generous Pension Credit means a £3,632 loss for a single person and £5,395 for a couple.

Welfare to work measure

  • 490 people a month are being sanctioned in Newcastle for failure to comply in increased work related activities, such as mandatory work activity. Sanctions mean reduced or no Jobseekers Allowance for 2 to 26 weeks. The Government are increasing this to 3 years.

Universal Credit from October 2013

  • All income related, working age benefits will be replaced by Universal Credit from October 2013 to 2017. Claimants will have different levels of job market requirements. People will be expected to claim it online and the housing element will be paid direct to the tenant. ‘Real time’ wages information will automatically adjust a person’s Universal Credit. Some may benefit but some will lose out. For example, 25,000 families may lose up to £3,500 a year with the cut to the extra for disabled children. Some will be temporarily protected on a frozen amount if their old benefits were higher than Universal Credit.

Other big changes from April 2013

The household benefit cap may mean that some unemployed working age families (over 100 in Newcastle) with 4 or more children will see a cut in their Housing Benefit. Exemptions include those on Working Tax Credit or DLA.

The Government expect local councils to take over parts of the social fund and the Council Tax Benefit scheme, which means people of working age paying more, and at least £3 a week, unless exempt.

Further information and advice

Newcastle Welfare Right’s website has a lot more detail about welfare reform and where to get independent advice in Newcastle. And sign up for a ’benefit bulletin.’ www.newcastle.gov.uk/welfarerights


For information and advice on a range of services relating to issues facing older people aged 50+, please click here

50+?  Don’t delay – screen today

1 in 8 women will experience breast cancer within their lifetime.  For more information about the screening programme at the RVI, please click here.

Decent Neighbourhood Standards

Decent Neighbourhood Standards are our guarantee that we will play our part in making sure everyone lives in a clean, green and safe place, with decent access to services where local needs are met. Decent Neighbourhood Standards are about identifying areas of our city where there is greatest need for investment and support. We need to be clear that providing decent neighbourhoods will not solely depend on the work of the Council.

We’ve done an assessment for every ward in the city based on seven standards. These are based on statistical data and local people’s views taken from the resident’s survey. The baseline assessment of these for your ward is available here

If you would like to know more about the Decent Neighbourhood Standards, or would like to get involved in contributing toward them, please contact your local Communities Facilitator, Paul McKinnell at paul.mckinnell@newcastle.gov.uk or by phoning 0191 2773548.  Details on the technical process and data sources that support the Decent Neighbourhood Standards Baseline Assessments can be obtained by emailing paul.marshall@newcastle.gov.uk

The Big Green Pledge

Newcastle, the UK’s most sustainable city, has launched a new interactive website packed with energy saving tips and ways to do your bit to reduce carbon emissions.  The website gives practical advice on how we can all play a part in reducing carbon emissions. You can also view a new online map showing aerial thermal imaging data for Newcastle which provided a heat loss profile for every property in the city.

Enterprising Newcastle

Newcastle City Council and other organisations are working together to offer an enterprise and business support programme.  Enterprising Newcastle supports new business start ups and works with local businesses and voluntary organisations to help them grow and to expand their networks. Please click on the link below for more information.

Citywide Road Maintenance

All roads and pavements are inspected at least twice a year. Principal roads and bus routes are inspected monthly. The recent bad weather has had a detrimental effect on roads, so the Council's Highways Team is asking for your help in identifying potholes which need attention.

Please contact Envirocall to report potholes so that we can arrange repairs.  When reporting, please provide as much information as possible about the location and size of the hole.

Fresh Air Blakelaw

What is FAB?

Fresh Air Blakelaw or FAB, is a new and exciting project, exclusive to Blakelaw ward.  It aims to improve residents’ health and wellbeing, by:

• Reducing the number of local people who smoke
• Increasing the number of local people using NHS Stop Smoking Services to quit.
• Increasing the number of homes which are always smoke free inside.
• Working closely with local people to put your ideas into practice.

Fresh Air Blakelaw have posted some videos on their YouTube channel.  To view them click here.

Get Involved

FAB needs your help!  We are looking for local people (smokers or non-smokers) to work with us to make the project a success.  If you want to know more or would like to volunteer contact Judith MacMorran on 0191 229 2903 (office hours only).  Together we can work together to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Blakelaw ward.

Online map

Use our online map to find your nearest libraries and schools. You can also find out where your nearest recycling site is and find leisure services, such as swimming pools, and heritage information, such as listed buildings and ancient monuments.


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